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July 2004 - Merrym Bruce

Merrym is 39 years old and has been disabled since 1991, when she contracted the flesh-eating bacteria and subsequently had a stroke, making it difficult for her to use her hands and caused a speech impediment. Merrym doesn't let ANYTHING stop her and is a gifted writer for 2TheHeart! Merrym feels that there is no one who doesn't need the Lord. She says "I walk with Him daily (which is a very hard task for anyone, but a little more so for me since I only have one leg, hee hee.) God has blessed me with a sense of humor, so I can make light of my situation. And I have one foot in heaven already!"  Read a story about Merrym titled "Reaching for the Clouds" and her own story, "Virginia". You can email Merrym at




June 2004 - Amy Toohill

Amy lives in Illinois with her husband, Bob. Her first story, written in 1999, called "His Gift to Me" was about her father. Amy was extrememly close to him and it took her seven years after he died to be able to put her feelings down on paper. The response from that story was unbelievable - it even made it up to the final cut for a Chicken Soup book! But even better was the healing that took place in her heart by writing that story. So today she continues to write about the people who have touched her life. Amy believes she's a "Work in Progress" and every person that she meets and every relationship she experiences adds to the finished product. Read her stories "Something I Need To Tell You" "What An Awesome Gift"  "One More Hug" , "Take Care of Mabel" and "The Puzzle of Life" and can also find her writing in the 2TheHeart book! Email Amy


April 2003 - Sandy Smith - Two-Time Winner!
I am from Alabama where I reside with 3 males (hubby of 28 yrs, and 2 sons) 3 dogs, 1 cat, and a loud-mouth parrott!  I have been a nurse for 27 years, and I still love it. It not only feeds my family, it feeds my soul. Other than a creative writing class in high school, and Sooz's writing workshop (which I advise everyone take, by the way!) I've had no formal education in writing. Just the school of hard knocks! When 2theHeart came along, I took a leap and decided to share some of what I write with others. Y'all inspire me! See Sandy's previous Writer of the Month profile by clicking on the bottom of this page and her most recent story here: "God Speaks".
March, 2003 - Pat Linkhorn
Pat Linkhorn is the mother of two very special girls. Kimberly, 17, has Autism, and Krystal, 15, is blind due to her premature birth. Pat lives with her husband of 28 years, Gary, her daughters, 11 llamas, two dogs, two cockatiels, and iguana and numerous cats in Southern Ohio. She works at an educational service center as a consultant to parents who have children who receive special education services. When she's not writing or navigating the educational maze, the family shows their llamas all over Ohio. Web sites:   Email Pat
February 2003 - John Gaudet

John Gaudet has just recently begun writing and is finding it a very rewarding way of cleansing old demons. Published works can be seen in "Whispers from heaven", "A Cup of Comfort", "Medhunters", "Catholic Digest", "Nurse Friendly" and "Lost Treasure/Treasure Cache" magazines. He lives in northern Saskatchewan with his wife Chantalle and their daughter Charisa. Being a survivor of childhood abuse, he finds that writing is helping him heal the wounds of his past and cement the foundations for his future. "The Eraser", "Dad's Belt", "Bag Of Kindness", "Dad" And "The Picture" All in 2TheHeart archives. You can email John at  He is always thrilled and very grateful to hear from the 2TheHeart family!

January 2003 - Karen Harper DeLoach
Karen DeLoach is the author of "Thirty-one Years and a Stumble".  Karen's desire is to write stories which encourage people and glorify God.  She has been published in God Allows U-Turns: American Moments, Women Alive! Magazine, The Pathfinder, and several church publications.  She is the mother of three sons and works with her husband Bill at their business in GA.  Karen is in the process of compiling an anthology written by her and her siblings entitled "Musings, Meditations, and Memories of One Slightly Dysfunctional American Family."  Being a part of the 2theHeart family is a blessing.  Her stories are: Snapshots of Memories, My Anchor Holds, A Child's Prayer Answered, My Dad the Robot, and A Cherished Gift.  email Karen 
December 2002 - Annettee Budzban

Annettee Budzban is a religion columnist and an inspirational writer. She has been published in "Whispers From Heaven,"  Guidepost's, "Angels on Earth,"  "Mothers of Writers" and "The Nursing Spectrum." She has also written for several e-zines including 2theheart. She resides in Wildwood, IL. with her husband, Jeff. She is the mother of three grown sons and a step-daughter. She is the grandmother of four. She enjoys Bible study and inspirational writing. She enjoys writing for 2theheart. Her other stories published on 2theheart are, "That's Incredible," "The Shower Incident," "Send Me a Friend," "An Angel Came" and "The Homecoming Queen".  email Annettee

November 2002 - Nancy Julien-Kopp
Nancy Julien Kopp writes for both children and adults.  She has been published in "Whispers From Heaven," "Guide," "Once Upon A Time...," "Grit," and "The Christian Science Monitor."  She has also written for several online websites including 2theheart, Seven Seas, The Illustrated Sermon, WriteCraftWeb, Chalkdust-online, and Fresh Wave.  She grew up in the Chicago area but has lived in Manhattan, Kansas for many years.  Nancy lives with her retired husband, Ken. She started writing  for children after her son and daughter were grown up. A love of writing has encouraged her to expand to poetry, adult fiction, and essays. She is active in two critique groups and the Kansas Authors Club.  Writing for 2theheart has been a special joy for Nancy. Some of her stories are:  "The Presence of God", "Sorting Out A Lifetime", & "In One Corner of My Heart".  Email Nancy
October 2002 - Steve Manchester

Steven Manchester is the published author of The Unexpected Storm: The Gulf War Legacy, At The Stroke of Midnight and Jacob Evans. He has also published several works under the pen name, Steven Herberts. When not spending time with his sons, writing, or promoting his published books/films, this Massachusetts author speaks publicly to troubled children through the "Straight Ahead" Program. Read Steve's 2TheHeart stories "He Sat Alone" & "A Letter From the Front".  Along with other heartfelt pieces, "He Sat Alone" appears in his latest work entitled Jacob Evans which can be found at 

Email Steve

September 2002 - Susan Spence
Susan is a veterinary technician and absolutely loves her job! It gives her so much writing material! She is married to a wonderful man, Wayne, and has four dogs; all rescue babies. Susan does dog rescue work for Southern States Rottweiler Rescue and since she lives in the south, she goes fishing every chance she gets! Susan feels truly blessed by God and that each day is a testiment to His grace and mercy. read Susan's stories: Silence Between Friends, Her Gentle Touch, The Smell of Her Love, and other stories hereEmail Susan

August 2002 - Janet Lee Yates
Janet is 39 years old and has been married to Rusty for 17 years.  She has two stepsons, Scott and Shane, whose wives are Beth and Melanie and children are Ashley and April (twins!) and Corey and Courtney.  Technically, this makes Janet a grandmother who never actually had kids!  Rusty and Janet live in the country and have their own business. God has blessed Janet with the desire to be an inspiration to others.  Read Janet's stories "The Sheriff of Chilton County" and "The Angel Beside Me".  Email Janet
July 2002 - Bob G. Shaw

Bob and Ronni Shaw are currently living in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.  Bob is a Route Sales Driver for the Lewis Baking Company, Bunny Bread.  Every once in a while, a customer will find him pulled off to the side of the road making notes.  "Gotta get 'em down before they go away".  Bob has been a seeker of words for about two and a half years now.  His biggest fan, Ronni enjoys reminding him that his job is interfering  with his hobby.  Presently, Bob is working on a long story, hopefully,  a novel. Read his stories "Yesterday's Warrior", "A Day at Work" &"Mourning Doves".  Email Bob


June 2002 - Charles F. Farrell
Charles Francis Farrell is a retired New York City firefighter, and his series "A Firefighter's Story", with parts One, Two Three, and Four, along with his Funny Friday stories "Who is This Guy & Gaggle" stealing the hearts of our readers! "Legacy of Faith", first published on 2TheHeart, will be featured in God Allows UTurns: American Moments, released September 11, 2002. Charles (center of photo) and his wife, Rose, have been married for forty-six years.  Living in Southold NY, they have two grown daughters and six grandchildren.  Charles' father, his brother and his nephews have all been NY firefighters.  Email Charles
June 2002 - Jonathan Tun

Jonathan W. Tun, is an Asian-American born in Chicago, of Chinese and Japanese descent. Although mostly a "Chicago-boy", he also spent part of his life living with his grandparents in Hawaii (Hilo) and travelling to Japan on business. He currently is living in Chattanooga, Tennessee with his beautiful wife Katherine and two children. Besides writing, Jon also enjoys exercise, serving God, and donating his time to a local Urban renewal organization called "Hope for Chattanooga" (  Read Jon's stories The Nerd, Take That Baby for a RideShoreline of Memories, Sucker-Punched by the Surf, Sticks and Stones & Talking Bamboo in a Tofu World.   Email Jon

May 2002 - Karen Driscoll

Karen Driscoll lives with her husband and their four children in Connecticut.  She has a master's degree in Special and Elementary Education, and is currently a full-time mom. Her stories have been published in several anthologies, magazines, and websites. Her stories have rapidly made her a beloved 2TheHeart author! Read "The Servant", "The Gift", "A Father's Lens", "New Mom", "The Wave", & "The Last day of School".

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