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Founder, Editor & Author Susan Farr Fahncke
Dedicated to making a difference, I am the creator of, the amazing volunteer group, Angels2TheHeart, and have been an inspirational author for twenty years.  I have written for over 70 books, including Angel's Legacy, the terrific 2TheHeart book, numerous Chicken Soup for the Soul, Stories for the Heart, & Guideposts books. I also teach online writing workshops! 
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Our own 2TheHeart book!  Compliled and edited by Susan, each story was selected by our readers, written by Susan and other 2TheHeart favorite authors!  Click here to read more about the 2TheHeart book!

Other publications include:
 Whispers From Heaven Magazine
 Woman's World Magazine
 Sport 'N Spokes Magazine
 Wisdom Magazine
 Shared Vision Magazine
 Hundreds of newspaper, magazine, ezine and web sites

Read a few of my stories!

Miniature Angels

 The Insignificant Prayer

 The Tattooed Stranger

 Voice Mail From Heaven

 Spider Raid

Davis County Newspaper article!

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The Guideposts "When Miracles Happen" series - available at

  • Miracles and Amazing Messages
  • Miracles & Kindness
  • Miracles in Nature 
  • Miracles and Animals
  • Miracles of Renewal
  • Miracles and Mysterious Visitors
  • Miracles in Tough Times
  • Mracles of Christmas

    Making a difference, one story at a time!