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Founder, Editor & Author Susan Farr 
Dedicated to making a difference, I am the creator of, the amazing volunteer group, Angels2TheHeart, and have been an inspirational author for twenty years.  I have written for over 70 books, including Angel's Legacy, the terrific 2TheHeart book, numerous Chicken Soup for the Soul, Stories for the Heart, & Guideposts books. I also teach online writing workshops! 
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The Guideposts "When Miracles Happen" series
Miracles and Amazing Messages
Miracles & Kindness
Miracles in Nature 
Miracles and Animals
Miracles of Renewal
Miracles and Mysterious Visitors
Miracles in Tough Times
Mracles of Christmas

Other publications include:
 Whispers From Heaven Magazine
 Woman's World Magazine
 Sport 'N Spokes Magazine
 Wisdom Magazine
 Shared Vision Magazine
 Hundreds of newspaper, magazine, ezine and web sites

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Proud member of:

Miniature Angels

 The Insignificant Prayer

 The Tattooed Stranger

Spider Raid

 Davis County Newspaper article

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