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Susan Farr, your writing coach and instructor, has her work featured in 70+ books, including the beloved Angel's Legacy and the 2TheHeart book!  Susan has paved the way for many hopeful writers to share their own life's stories by founding She firmly believes in giving from the heart and her own volunteer group, Angels2TheHeart has touched the lives of thousands of people battling cancer and other serious illnesses.  She shares insight and guidance with each of her writing workshop participants and will walk with you as you follow your own dream of writing.

*Register by clicking the "sign up now" button for your course. You do not need a paypal account to pay online. You may register online using your debit or credit card, or register by mailing a check and your full name, email address and mailing address to the address to the (bottom) left.

From Workshop Students:
"I loved this class.  You can't imagine what you have done for my confidence in writing.  I can do it!  I am going to finish this book and get it published.  You are a perfect instructor. Your approach is encouraging and  we learn tons from you. You tell us how to improve and you remind us how you were once right in our seat, and now you're an accomplished author and teacher. The personal experiences you shared about your beginning writing career served as excellent teaching tools we will never forget." -V.V.
"I can't wait to take my next workshop from Susan! I learned so much and already had my first manuscript published --- I could not have accomplished this goal of mine without Susan's guidance!" -M.S.
"I am finally making my dream of becoming a writer come true! THANK YOU to Susan for a workshop that far surpassed my hopes! I learned SO much and grew as a writer in just eight weeks much more than I did during four years of college. I recommend these workshops to anyone. Mine helped me express myself better in all areas of my life. I will never forget my time with Susan as my teacher and mentor!" - J.B.
I cannot thank you enough for the priceless tools I gained from your writing class! I have learned so much and I now feel ready to begin my career as a writer. You gave me confidence in myself and encouraged me every step of the way. You make learning truly joyful!" - A.L.

Everyone has a story. What is yours? 2TheHeart writing workshops will help you bring your story to life, give you tips on writing with power, and give you the tools you need to tell YOUR story in YOUR own "voice".

Workshops are flexible -  You choose your starting date! Lessons are posted once a week (you can access your previous lessons at any time after they are posted) and assignments will be due at the end of each week. 

Please see our FAQ page for details on how the workshops work and further info. Descriptions of each course is listed below. Email me with any questions, or for help registering!

You do not have to have a Paypal account to register online with a debit or credit card. 

Buy a gift certificate in any denomination good toward ANY Writing Workshop! Gift certificates can be redeemed at any time, working at the recipient's own pace and time-frame! *Printable certificates are issued with every gift certificate purchase.  Click below to purchase a gift certificate in any amount. If the amount you purchase is less than the workshop fee, it can be applied toward the fee!  Questions? Email 

Writing Workshops offered:

Creative Writing four week course:

This four week mini-workshop will get your creative juices flowing! Each week you will learn how to look at the world around you in new ways and learn how to put your vision into words more creatively and descriptively. We focus on fun exercises to help prompt you to open your mind up and practice new ways of writing! Course fee: $49.00

Advanced Creative Writing four week course:

This four week mini workshop is an advanced follow-up to the Creative Writing workshop.  We move into an advanced version of the CW workshop, with our exercises and assignments a bit more in-depth and futher-reaching for continued learning about writing and thinking more creatively! The CW Workshop is a pre-requisite for this one. Course fee $49.00  

Get Published! Eight week course:

I will work with you to personally assist in writing and editing a story or manuscript and get it ready to submit to a publisher! - COMPLETED BY WEEK 8

Week 1: Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation -Assessment and practice

Week 2: Find Your Niche: Finding your strengths and using them!

Week 3: Techniques for crafting a great story
Week 4: How to Submit to Publishers *Special bonus Top 25 resources for writers!
Week 5: What am I doing WRONG? And how to improve! Focus on solutions

Week 6: Copyright issues, Publishing Rights, and Contract Negotiation

Week 7: Writing for the Internet: Positives, Pitfalls, and Perils
Week 8: Final lesson: Marketing yourself: A must-do for all writers! How, where and what to do!

-By Week 8 Your manuscript will be ready to submit to your publishing goal. We will work together throughout this course to take it from the idea in your brain to the finished product ready for publishing. Course fee: $99.00

Writing Family History four week course:

This is our newest and much-requested workshop! Learn to write your own family stories, weaving a great legacy for your family, in this terrific course designed for the non-professional writer who just wants to write with a more creative, clever style, bringing your family stories to life. Come to class with one particular story in mind and begin your own legacy! Course fee: $49.00

"My Path" workshop info: 

This is an individual workshop, registration to be determined between myself and you, as I will be working one on one with each participant.  The "My Path" workshop is strictly for those writers wishing to pursue a career in writing and who would benefit from one-on-one teaching. This five-week course will focus how to get your writing accepted for the publication fitting to your genre. Your ideas and goals will be taken into consideration for each week's choice and we will work together to tailor-make and create a presentation and/or story that is your very best. You will learn from an insider's perspective how to reach your very specific goals of paid publications and at the end of the workshop series, you will receive a contact list of publications created especially for you and your personal writing goals. I will work with you to map out an organized list of how, who and where to get your work published.  This is a one-on-one five-week workshop of my time just for you!  

You will leave this workshop with more help and guidance than any writer setting out on his or her own! We will focus on your particular goals and work toward accomplishing them together! Email me for more info about the "My Path" workshop.  Course fee: $99.00

 Have more questions? Read our FAQ page!

*Certificate issued upon completion of all courses! (Great for your resume'!)  

Payment accepted: Credit cards, debit cards through PayPal.  You may also send a check or money order via postal mail to the following address: (Please email me beforehand to arrange registration.)

Susan Fahncke

PO Box 1327

Louisburg, KS 66053

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